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The Client (interior furnishings branch) started the partnership with Sembot in mid-2020. After the audit, the PPC team began by splitting product ranges by brands. We prepared dynamic DSA campaigns for each brand and campaigns in the SPAG model (Single Product Ad Group) were created for each brand. Our Sembot Comparator Shopping Services (CSS) assured us  additional 20% advantage in Product Listing Ads.

After collecting the initial results, we started to optimise strategy by disabling the campaigns with the lowest performance. We used Sembot’s own developed script to exclude and eliminate unwanted keywords.

The effects can be seen in the diagram. In the first half of the year, the Client’s revenue from the campaigns hovered around £29,000. At the end of the year, just a few months after Sembot took control of the campaigns, revenue exceeded £71,400.

The campaign’s budget’s had been increased, to enable us to generate even more transactions for the Client. As a result, the Sembot PPC team led to a 150% increase in revenue for Client.

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