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We started the partnership with the Client (interior furnishings branch) in mid-October 2020. Originally, there was just one campaign that covered all the products in the client’s account.

Using the Sembot’s PLA campaigns generator, our PPC team created a number of separate campaigns split by the correct product category. As a result, we were able to better control the ads and exclude categories that did not perform well enough.

Sembot’s proprietary tool Product Feed Optimiser allows our team to efficiently manage the product feed and optimise it, so the advertising becomes cheaper or more effective.

The new campaigns were implemented gradually and when advertising for a new product group was launched, they were automatically excluded from the “old” campaign. This approach ensured that we did not interfere with the existing Client’s sales.

The chart shows the results of the Sembot campaign over two months (October – December) and the months preceding this period. During those two months, the number of clicks increased by over 39%, and the number of users by over 36%.

The campaign costs increased, but at the same time, there was a 59% increase in the number of transactions recorded by the Client. There was also a 78.81% increase in revenue. November was the best sales month in the past 5 years when Client started with Google Ads.

In the same period of 2019, the revenue recorded on the client’s account did not exceed £19,500. In 2020 revenue constantly grew to near £70,000. The number of transactions over this period increased by over 280%.

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