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This Client (automotive industry) became Sembot’s partner in October 2020. They were not satisfied with the effects of the previous agency’s activities – incurred high costs that did not bring tangible results.

After the audit conducted by the Sembot PPC team, they decided to launch new campaigns in the SPAG structure (each product was assigned to a separate ad group). Sembot used its own tools (PLA campaigns’ generator) to generate Single Product Ad Group campaigns. Sembot tools are integrated with Google Ads API. Campaign generation tool enables quick and efficient product management. The PPC team can generate complex SPAG campaigns even from the massive inventory feeds, covering several thousand products, in just a few minutes.

Additional features of the generator enable simple and quick product split by any parameter including brand, type or variables such as targeted audience by the device. The chart summarizes the effects of actions taken by Sembot’s PPC team.

After one month, the number of transactions (64.81%) and the client’s income (130.14%) increased significantly. Revenue increased by almost £8,000. While the campaign’s costs incurred by Client increased only by less than £110.

As the Client’s product ads appeared via the Sembot CSS comparison engine, we were able to buy clicks cheaper, without any additional margin.

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