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We started working with the client in June 2020. The client (sporting goods) came to Sembot with an already launched Google Ads campaign. During the initial audit, our PPC team discovered that it contained many significant errors. 

Firsto of all, we connected the customer to Sembot Comparison Shopping Services to get a significant advantage (-20% cost reduction) in the next steps. We started our work almost from scratch to rebuild the campaigns according to Sembot’s new strategy. We optimised the product feed (the file was of low quality – poor titles, descriptions, only basic attributes) and built new product campaigns.

We used our own Sembot Feed Optimiser to duplicate products first, so that we could adjust the product titles and match them with userssearch queries. By utilising several items in the original feed, we were able to quickly prepare over a hundred products in the output feed, ready to use for Google Shopping Ads.

Optimisation led first to a much better ROAS. This opened the door for scaling up the next results. Together with the client, we created a new strategy to gradually increase ad spend. We not only maintained the agreed minimum profitable ROAS, but we significantly increased it and exceeded KPIs of the initial plan.

In August, ROAS grew by 623% whilst in September, ROAS grew by 1123%. During the same period of time, the number of transactions almost doubled.

An additional £2,000 was added to the campaign budget in November, resulting in a further increase in the number of transactions (by almost 62%), and thus revenue reached £96,000 with ROAS near to +1300%

In the first 20 days of December, compared to November, the client’s revenue remained at a similar level however ROAS continued to grow and reached 1500% during this time.

What is even more significant and important, throughout the analyzed period ROAS has been increasing in proportion to the allocated budget. More budget allocated to the campaign resulted in even higher ROAS

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